Christian Leprosy Center Chandraghona (CLC):

P.O: Chandraghona, P.S: Kaptai
Rangamati Hill District
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CLC is registered under the Social Health and Education Board of the
Bangladesh Baptist Church Shanga.

Dr. Probir Khyang

In 1913, the first leprosy sufferer arrived at Christian Hospital Chandraghona and from that one patient a service of dedication and compassion grew. Today, Christian Leprosy Centre (CLC) continues to be the main centre of referral for the treatment of leprosy complications in greater Chittagong division and serves approximately 26 million people.

CLC offers inpatient care for patients with acute reactions, ulcers and other complications of leprosy. Rehabilitation is enabled with our active physiotherapy and footwear departments. Reconstructive surgery allows some patients to regain use of their hands and feet to some extent. CLC continues to see an increase in the overall number of patients being admitted. Although leprosy affects men far more than women, there has been a slight increase in the number of female patients in the last two years

The main cause of admission is ulcers. The number of ulcer cases rises year on year and is the main cause of our overall increase. Most notably almost 90% of all female admissions are due to ulcer. This can be attributed to a reduction in active field work, proper community supervision and poor access to leprosy health care and means the hospital will continue to receive a significant number of cases in years to come.

Many reconstructive procedures are done each year. It is our sincere hope that CLC will become a referral centre for reconstructive surgery. Part of this process includes our continuing link with the The Leprosy Mission (TLM) hospital in Nilphamari and we are grateful to Dr. JF Nigrini for his wholehearted support in this initiative. This year we held a further surgery camp where our staff conducted some major operations under the supervision of Dr. Nigrini. This year the focus was mainly on treating hand problems, which is a new development for us. CLC is now able to offer a wider range of reconstructive surgeries including hand, foot and eye procedures. From 2010 the leprosy surgery will be undertaken on a regular basis by CHC staff.

The footwear department is an important part of rehabilitation and mobility of our patients. This is a valuable service that enables patients to maintain a normal standard of living as well as protecting them from further complications. Although this is a significant challenge for us we are confident that we will be able to cobble a solution together soon!

The patients we receive are often amongst the poorest and least regarded in society. At CLC, we not only treat patients’ complications, we try to treat them with respect. The care shown by local and foreign staff in the past 96 years has given CLC an esteemed reputation in the area and across Bangladesh. But this legacy needs to be guarded and we ask you to join with us, praying that God will help us continue to serve and love those who come to us for help.