This Board member is elected by the BBCS Council. They have been elected for the terms of 2011-2014. President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Mission representatives are member by their position.

Finance & Property Board Members

Mr. Christopher Adhikari - President

Mr. James Prodip Biswas - Vice President

Rev. Ashim Baroi - General Secretary (Ex-Officio)

Rev. Michael Kestner - Member (Representative of LMI)

Rev. Peter Lynch - Member (Representative of BMS)

Mr. Mithilesh Bairagi - Member

Mr. Amoriyo Sarkar - Member

Mrs. Mashang Fru Khyang - Member

Mr. Pintu Adhikary - Member

Mr. Milton Baroi - Member

Mr. Lipton Bairagi - Member

Mr. Horen Kumar Singha - Member