Sangha Pastors and Students Fund’ (SPSF) & ‘Sangha Education Loan Fund’ (SELF) runs by the Sangha Education Fund Sub-Committee.

Sangha Pastors and Students Fund (SPSF):

It has been established on 2003 AD by the following individual fund.

  1. Michael Susil Adhikari Memorial Fund
  2. Susanta Adhikari Student Education Fund
  3. Hemnalini Scholarship Fund
  4. Moriam Memorial Education Fund and
  5. Christina Sumitra Biwas Dashomangsho Fund

This entire fund has individual goal and purpose. Every year Sangha gives pastoral & student award from this fund to encourage the Pastors and Student. On the other hand educational assistant provide to the poor and intelligent student from this fund.

Anybody can establish a fund to assist the pastors or poor students in his desire (acceptable) name through the Sangha Pastors & Student Fund but Fund amount will be not less than 100,000 (one lac) only. At present the total fund amount is 2400,000.00 (Twenty four Lacs) only. All assistance and award provide by its bank interest.


Sangha Education Loan Fund (SELF):

The purpose of the Sangha Education Loan Fund (SELF) is to provide financial support for higher studies to the poor and meritorious students.

Sangha Education Fund Sub-Committee:

01 Mr. Prodip Sarkar Convener
02 Mr. John Liton Munshi Member
03 Mr. Mahananda Bairagee Member
04 Mrs. Joanna Baby Sarkar Member
05 Rev. John S. karmakar Member