All Pastoral Superintendents and Mission’s representatives are the member of Ministry & Mission Board. General Secretary is the Chairman of this Board.

Ministry & Mission Board Members

Reverend Ashim Baroi - Chairman

Reverend Michael Kestner - Representative of LMI

Reverend Peter Lynch - Representative of BMS

Reverend Arobinda Sarkar - Member (Pastoral Super, Dinajpur ABCS)

Reverend Jagadish Baskey - Member (Pastoral Super, Khulna ABCS)

Reverend  Ronald Dilip Sarkar - Member (Pastoral Super, Dhaka ABCS)

Reverend Susanta Bairagee - Member (Pastoral Super, Barisal ABCS)

Reverend Sakhario Bairagi - Member (Pastoral Super, Chittagong & Ctg.H.Tracts ABCS)

Reverend Prodip Ratna - Member (Pastoral Super, Jessore ABCS)

Reverend Barnabas Hemrom - Member (Pastoral Super, Gopalgonj-Madaripur ABCS)

Reverend Paresh Halder - Member (Pastoral Super, Rangpur ABCS)

Reverend Bimol Roy - Member (Pastoral Super, Rajshahi-Chapai ABCS)

Reverend Ranjit Kumar Byen - Member (Pastoral Super, Grater Mymensingha ABCS)