Communicate with Rev. Shakhario Bairagi
Pastoral Super, Chittagong & Ctg. Hill Tract
Mobile: 01716166423




This is a hilly area and is covered with lake and lines so it is difficult to move from one place to another. So there are not enough educational access to the children of the three districts named Rangamati, Bandorban and Khaghrachory. In fact all the small indigenous groups have their own language and culture as their main identity. These people have now great interaction with Bengali culture which gradually destroying their own culture.





SHED Board took initiative to establish the Rangamati Children Village in the of November 01, 2014 with the financial, physical & technical supports of Libenzell Mission International considering the dreadful problems of churches ‘children of the three above mentioned districts under Chittagong ABCS is located at District Commissioner (DC) Banglo Road ( Just posit of Rangamati DC residence).